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O Bewildered Man!

Unfortunately, the western man has firmly established himself in the conviction that after death, he will be dust. And if he is well off with millions of dollars in America, he will purchase from specialized corporations a place for him in a giant fridge.
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Precious Advice

Introduction Islam is not a “religion” The Meaning of Man This World and the Hereafter Islam, the Message Development and Underdevelopment Justice and Spirituality Defamatory Campaigns against Islam Modern man no longer wonders! The “what” and the “why” O Bewildered Man! Precious Advi
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The True Worth of a Civilization

The true worth of a civilization lies not in possessing weapons and amassing wealth. It resides in providing security, dignity, prosperity, and well being for all mankind. That is a genuine civilization. Yet when a civilization engenders indigence and starvation for three quarters-or
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