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On the True Nature of Death -1-

Death signifies the incapacitation of the members in their entirety, all of which are the tools of the spirit. By the 'spirit' I mean that abstraction through which man apprehends the sciences, and the pains of sorrow as well as the pleasures of happiness. However completely its autho
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The Proofs that Death is not Extinction -2-

Full dedication of the heart to the love of God may well occur in certain circumstances, but death may not overtake one in such a state before one changes again. Combat is one of the causes of death, and is also a means of coming to death in this state. For this reason one's bliss is
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The Grave’s Discourse to the Living and the Dead.-3-

"O you who was left behind his brethren and neighbors in the world! Was there never any lesson for you in us? Was there no clue for you in our preceding you? Did you not see how our actions were severed from us while you still had some respite? Why did you not achieve that which passe
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