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A Woman Like No Other

Death is the believer’s spiritual feast. For the believing men and women, death portends complete relief and sheer bliss. It is the ultimate reunion between God-seeking individuals and their Lord. It is the beginning of a real life, the life, in the best of worlds. Lalla Khadija El-Ma
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Farewell to a Woman, a Mother, a School

Mrs Khadija El Malki, widow of the Imam Abdessalam Yassine –God have mercy upon them, can be considered one of those few ladies who not only bear the same name as the mother of all believers, Khadija, wife of our prophet Mohammed -God bless him and grant him peace, but also embody man
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Farouk Bouasse.. The Death of a Virtuous Fata*

When Imam Abdessalam Yassine –God have mercy on him- chose to make Futuwwa [chivalry] among the chief characteristics of the school adherents, he didn’t choose it ex nihilo. Rather, he was fully acquainted with the truth that none can be honest in his journey to God the Almighty with
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