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The Delight of the Knowers of God

The Mufarridūn are the people who frequently remember God. They are so-called because they perform such deeds alone, and none competes with them in this regard. ‘Umar bin Abdul-‘Aziz said at the night of ‘Arafa, “The person whose camel arrives first is not ranked number 1. It is the p
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Remembering the Beloved

As long as the worshipper’s knowledge of God is strong, he will keep on remembering Him easily. The dwellers of Paradise will say Tasbīḥ just as they take a breath. For them, “There is no god but God” [Lā ilāha illa Allāh] will be just like cool water for the people of this world. Wh
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The Relief of the Believers’ Hearts

Mālik bin Dīnār [God have mercy upon him] said, “A person’s heart will never find rest except in the remembrance of God.” True lovers of God will hate anything that distracts them from remembering God. They don’t love anything more than staying alone in order to remember Him. When a l
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