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Recollections -Part 1

Yes, it is a longing for God, an awakening of the heart… This happened to me in the year 1965… and I had then been promoted from a teacher to an education inspector. After becoming an Arabic professor in secondary school I heard of an entrance exam to become a primary education inspec
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Recollections -Part 2

“If you are yearning for closeness to God, and for knowing the road to God, then a sheikh is indispensible for you.” So I said to myself, “you who were ready to travel the world looking for that man, there he is!” ...
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Recollections -Part 3

Keep in mind that he who sees a wrong to be righted and keeps silent is a dumb devil. And one of the avenues of this charitable action is to prompt a ruler to do good deed and dissuade him from engaging in evil ones. So what do you say O Scholars of Islam: ‘Is it falsehood –gods other
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