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MAN, KNOW THYSELF! -3- : Life after Death February 15, 2018 by Yassine Hicham - “When I am dead, will I then be raised up again?” This question may hover on the periphery of the consciousness of even those who do not have any deep convictions of the reality of life after death, but the fact remains that very few people give any direct attention to the question of the afterlife. The plain truth that tomorrow’s life is not willingly and eagerly contemplated in the present world is surely an indication of conscious or subconscious Continue Reading
MAN, KNOW THYSELF! -2- February 9, 2018 by Yassine Hicham - When the air-raid siren sounds in wartime and proclaims in its chilling wail: "Squadrons of enemy bombers are approaching to blast this city to eternity. To the air-raid shelters at once!" everyone immediately takes the quickest route to the shelters and, in an instant, the busiest of streets are deserted. Anyone who does not react in this manner is considered idiotic, mentally deranged. The same applies to any material hazard, no matter what it may be. There is another danger, Continue Reading
MAN, KNOW THYSELF! -1- February 6, 2018 by Yassine Hicham - If a group of people were asked what the most important issue for mankind was today, different people would have different answers. Some would say the spread of nuclear weapons, some, the population explosion, while others might say that the production and distribution of wealth were of paramount importance. Such diversity of opinion shows that people in general do not properly recognize what they themselves are. If they did, they would all agree that the most critical issue facing mankind Continue Reading
Poverty as an Inner State of the Heart February 6, 2018 by Mounir Birouk - We are helpless beings. Since the very first moments of our existence in this world till the last of our breaths in it, we live in a state of dependency and vulnerability. Indeed, everything in this world reminds us of our lacks, incapacities and imperfections. That is why we always turn to our fellow human beings and to other creatures in this world for sustenance, support and help. However, we soon realize that other creatures are also poor beings who Continue Reading


The App-format of Meritorious Chapters and Verses

The best spiritual station that Man can ever seek in his worship of God is that of showing absolute
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Shared Human Values for Imam Abdessalam Yassine

Attempts to shed stronger light upon shared human values have gained momentum in recent decades, esp
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The Meanings of Ihsan

The Meanings of Iḥsān

The word “iḥsān” has three meanings that have been reported in the Qurʾān and the sunna: 1) iḥsān is
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New Book

New Book: The Muslim Woman: Journey into the Light Volume1

To every English speaking Muslim woman and man who are interested in getting closer to their Lord an
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