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“Branches of Iman” by Imam Aabdessalam Yassine December 17, 2017 by Editorial Board - “Branches of Iman” is predominantly a book of hadith. It was written by Imam Yassine, God have mercy on him, some thirty years or over. Imam Yassine mentioned the book a couple of times in other books, he says: “We have divided the seventy-seven branches into ten attributes and compiled then in one book.” The newly-published book is composed of two volumes and includes an expansive assortment of more than 2500 hadith. Imam Yassine has enclosed hadiths that ignites Muslims Continue Reading
Proceedings of the conference: “Political Transformation, Stakes and Prospects” December 17, 2017 by Editorial Board - The fifth anniversary of the passing of Imam Abdessalam Yassine is celebrated Saturday 16th December 2017 in the headquarters of the Justice and Spirituality Movement in Sale, Morocco. This year’s anniversary is commemorated under the heading: "Political transformation, stakes and prospects". The opening conference was animated by four guest speakers; namely, Abdullah El Hurrif, the vice national secretary of the Democratic Path Party, Morocco, Ali Anuzla, a renowned Moroccan journalist, Anouar El Jamaoui, a Tunisian researcher in Islamist affairs and Continue Reading
International Conference: JSM Commemorates the Fifth Anniversary of the Passing of Imam Yassine December 16, 2017 by Editorial Board - The international political landscape is plagued with violence, hate and tension. The local contexts in many countries is no better. Local dictators and foreign interventions are fueling inner fighting and popular divisions in many parts including Syria, Yemen, Libya, Egypt, Myanmar, Iraq, Afghanistan, and the list goes on.  The latest unilateral decision of the US president, Trump, recognizing Al Quds (Jerusalem) as the capital of Israel, is a flagrant example of how foreign interventions, especially on the part of the Continue Reading
The Ordeal of Palestine December 7, 2017 by Editorial Board - The affair of Palestine is a series of painful ordeals, a path of suffering strewn with landscapes of desolation: disaster in 1948, scourge in 1956, catastrophe in 1967, calamity in 1973, and many other reverses of fortune along the way. The Arab defeats at the hands of the tiny state of Israel have laid bare the deadly dislocation of Arabic societies and the ineptness of their governments. They have revealed very sad truths: what kind of nameless treachery was it Continue Reading


The App-format of Meritorious Chapters and Verses

The best spiritual station that Man can ever seek in his worship of God is that of showing absolute
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Shared Human Values for Imam Abdessalam Yassine

Attempts to shed stronger light upon shared human values have gained momentum in recent decades, esp
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The Meanings of Ihsan

The Meanings of Iḥsān

The word “iḥsān” has three meanings that have been reported in the Qurʾān and the sunna: 1) iḥsān is
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New Book

New Book: The Muslim Woman: Journey into the Light Volume1

To every English speaking Muslim woman and man who are interested in getting closer to their Lord an
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