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June 4, 1981

The Prophetic Method [al-Minhaj an-Nabawi]) (1982) which comprises the building blocks of the school presenting an integrated and complete educational, spiritual and political conception of the Islami...Read more

May 30, 1982

As yet, through its construction, the movement suffered continuous trials and tribulations. On December 27th, 1983, Imam was arrested (on false grounds!), following the publication of the unique number...Read more

July 1, 1987

He, God have mercy on him, exerted immeasurable efforts in setting up the movement and disciplining its members, men and women, on the virtues of iman, action and jihad, and on the foundations of pacif...Read more

April 26, 1988

Al-Ihsan [Spiritual Excellence] (two Volumes) (1998-1999), which is also the mainstay of the Project of the Prophetic Method due to its deep analysis of Sufism and its affirmation as to the centrality...Read more

December 30, 1989

Upon his release in 1985, Imam Yassine resumed his activities on various fronts, which then pushed policymakers to place him under house-arrest in his house in Salé on the 30th of December, 1989, whic...Read more

August 31, 1990

Justice: Islamists and Governance (2000) represents a complete theorization of the Islamic rule, the obstacles awaiting the Islamists and the ways to encounter them. It therefore clarifies the contents...Read more

February 12, 1993

The Muslim Women: Journey Into The Light (two Volumes) (1996) in which Imam Yassine propounds the position of Muslim women in the battle of change and construction in a way free from the grip of both ...Read more

September 18, 1997

Winning the Modern World for Islam (2000), the English translation of Imam Yassine’s “Islamiser la Modernité” 1998. The primary purpose of the book is “to make known the message of the Qur’a...Read more

November 13, 1999

On 28th January, 2000, Imam Yassine addressed to the country’s new king – Mohamed VI an open letter, “Memorandum To Whom It May Concern”. In this letter, Imam is urging the ruler to fear God...Read more

May 20, 2000

Amid May 2000, the authorities unwillingly lifted the house-arrest. The following day Imam Yassine held a press conference assisted by national and international media, in which he thanked all human ri...Read more