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  • Let’s put an end to imitating the different past generations. Let’s all be authentic witnesses to what is right the way our righteous ancestors were authentic witnesses to what was right.

  • In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful, O my Lord! Make me one who establishes regular Prayer, and also (raise such) among my offspring O our Lord! And accept You my Prayer. O Controller of the hearts! Make my heart steadfast in Your Dīn.

  • The activist Saadia Elouallous at the  commemoration

    The activist Saadia Elouallous at the  commemoration of Imam Yassine’s (God have mercy upon his soul) second anniversary: “Abdessalam Yassine embodied precisely what he wrote about and what he really intended. He knew how to give everything to his family and to people he rallied around him.”

  • In Praise of the Imam of Renewal –Abdessalam Yassine

    To desire such a nature I was not inclined;
    To eulogize people did not enter my mind.

    Yet, some verses I wrote, in a certain one’s name,
    And perhaps pious men will oft do the same.

  • Change Between Revelation and Renewal

    An understanding of the nature of change without an accompanying will to change is no better than daydreaming. On the other hand, a will to change without understanding or sound knowledge will inevitably lead to violent turmoil, an angry uprising that is destructive and that in the end must prove to have been much ado about nothing.

  • Abdessalam Yassine, the Imam of Renewal

    Nothing indeed is more poignant and heart- breaking than the passing of a man who is one of those God -Glorified be He- uses to revive His Din [Islam]. He is a man, from whom you learn, at every moment, by every word he says and on every occasion, lessons of firm conviction in these times of denial. You learn lessons of how to unyieldingly brave obstacles at ...

  • Pilgrimage

    The Hidden Acts of The Pilgrimage -2-

    As for the severance of relations this means restitution for all injustices and sincere repentance before God Most High for all sins. Every injustice is a relation and every ...

  • Women

    A Fleeting World

    We no longer inhabit history; we are history’s orphans. Inhabiting history meant being able to sketch an outline of the future and guide ourselves with a glance at the rearview ...

  • Multimedia

    "The parable of the empty cage" [video]

    To assess one’s ego one can take wisdom as a yardstick, if one keeps at assessing it long enough, the image of that ego will appear in the mirror. When we read Shaykh ʿAbd ...

  • Pillars of Tarbiya

    Spiritual Companionship and Community

    Scholars state that proper ṣuḥba consists of two things: love and following. God said in the Qur’ān, addressing the Messenger of God, “Say: if indeed you love God then follow ...

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