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  • We no doubt manifest stupidity and ignorance of our dīn and of the meaning of jihad, if we abandon our weapons for that jihad and engage in nonsense, if we resist external tyrannies while in our own interior selves we permit the tyrannical forces of passions to maintain their regimes unchallenged.

  • In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful, O my Lord! Make me one who establishes regular Prayer, and also (raise such) among my offspring O our Lord! And accept You my Prayer. O Controller of the hearts! Make my heart steadfast in Your Dīn.

  • Justice [al-‘Adl]

    The political participation of Muslims in the West may even vary significantly from country to country, depending on the circumstances prevailing in each place and the costs and benefits of that participation, which are to be determined by the people living there. Establishing justice is also not limited to direct political participation and in many cases other ...

  • Spiritual Rewards

    Every Spiritual session contains spiritual rewards that are earned only by those who attend, console spiritually, and combat the evil insinuations of their egos, nonchalance and negligence.

  • A Fleeting World

    We no longer inhabit history; we are history’s orphans. Inhabiting history meant being able to sketch an outline of the future and guide ourselves with a glance at the rearview mirror. Hence the other distinctive feature of globalization is its dangerous novelty. Such specificity makes our future impenetrable; our misted rearview mirror no longer serves us well. ...

  • All Ripped-off Rights

    All ripped off rights must be brought back to the woman in the way God has decreed. She must be safeguarded against all aggression, including the worst aggression on her dignity in the name of freedom. She must be freed of all forms of powerlessness and economic dependence, be given her maintenance as a wife and a mother and her alimony when getting divorced, ...

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